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5 Things to Consider When Picking Outfits for Your Engagement Session

I am so dang excited about this post today. I could talk about engagement session outfits all day long. If you don’t already know, I am OBSESSED with engagement sessions!!! Seriously, I love engagement sessions so dang much. They are really where get to the root of storytelling. It’s where we show your personalities and just have so much fun!!

Hands down, engagement sessions are one of my favorite parts of my Wedding Experience. It is my whole freaking goal to make the process as fun + easy as possible for my brides!! That being said, I wanted to offer up a few tips for all my girlies planning engagement session outfits for their dream engagement sessions!!


Oh. my. freaking. goodness.

I can’t stress this enough. I wish I could shout this to the freaking rooftops!!! This is THE most important thing you could do for yourself. Like, I am so freaking serious… if this is the ONLY thing you take from this blog post- do not wear something to your engagement session that makes you feel insecure.

If you feel like you are constantly pulling at something, or you only like the way it looks aat specific angles, it probably isn’t the best option for your session. Because the truth is, if you don’t feel your best, you won’t look your best! Confidence just absolutely elevates every single image that you take at your session, and the BEST way to look confident is to make sure you’re wearing clothes that you feel confident in.

Think logistically when picking an engagement session outfit

This is a biiiiiiig one, girlfriend!!! The crux of this whole thing is actually pretty simple… don’t wear your winter coat in July, don’t wear heels to hike amountain, and avoid wearing anything that isn’t practical for your session.

This is really important because so much of your session will involve movement, especially if you are doing more of an adventure engagement session!! This really does go hand in hand with comfort, but it’s less about how your outfit makes you feel, and a lot more about how your outfit will feel during your session!

Especially in the summer heat, I recommend lighter, flowier dresses, sandals or cute tennis shoes, and breathable clothes!! In the fall and winter, layer up!! Put on some cute booties, rock the heck out of your fav jeans! There are so many options for every season and setting!



Seriously, not to be dramtic but this is the dang TEA. The magical, whimsical, romatnic engagement pictures that you freaking LOVE, they are aaaaall about MOVEMENT. And that is why I tell brides to think about this when picking outfits!!

Flowy dresses are so freaking beautiful in engagement sessions (plus they are just so heckin flattering!!!!). I tell my brides that tighter dresses are generally less comfortable and add a lot less to their photos. You would be shocked how much a beautiful dress blowing in the wind can add to your images.

Clothes that are hard to move in not only limit the overall look of the gallery, but also put such a signficant limit on all the prompts + poses that you can really do during your session!

The goal of your session is truly to give you pictures that you are OBSESSED with, friend! And the point of this post is absolutely NOT to give you a list of rules that you “have to follow.”

The point is really to give you some food for thought when picking out your outfit! My goal is to make sure you look + feel your freaking BEST when you show up for your session!!! I’ve been doing this for a hot minute, and I have seen the power in a good outfit! Which is why I literally made an entire freaking outfit guide that I send out to my couples before their session!

I want to serve the HECK out of my couples, and the first what I get to do that is by not leaving you in the dark when it comes to picking your dream outfit for your dream engagement pictures!!!

If you are wanting even more inspriation or just want to see how much a beautiful flowy dress can change the dang game, check out Jody and Remington’s beautiful couples session.

They NAILED THE HECK out of their engagement session outfits and are a great example of owning their own style while still checking off every box when it comes to picking the perfect fit!!!!

But sista girl, at the end of the day, just know that no matter how you feel in your clothes. Whether or not you find the “perfect” dress, you are so beautiful. You were fearfully and wonderfully made. I really do believe that no outfit can take away that worth and beauty that you bring to the table!

Remember, your engagement session isn’t about the perfect outfit. Or even the “perfect pictures.” It is about you and your beatuiful, authentic, romantic story.

You got this, sister! Love ya always!!





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