i'm maggie

oh hi there

I am the photographer who cares about knowing you in the process. The photographer who answers your text messages when you are overwhelmed with wedding planning, helps you pick your outfit for your engagement session, listens to you gush about how freakin excited you are to marry the love of your life. The photographer who is in your freakin corner to hype you up every single step of the way. More than just a photographer. A friend.

Because it's about more than just pretty pictures of you in your wedding dress or of pretty flowers at your reception. For me, it's about the relationship. It's about knowing you, like really knowing you... if you're the ultimate Swiftie like me or if you could also sit down and eat a whole box of Goldfish (really exposing myself here lol). 

My heart is to know you, and serve the HECK out of you. Not just to deliver a gallery of pretty pictures... but don't worry I'll do that too. ;)

I'm a wedding photographer who doesn't focus on your wedding day.

i have to be honest

and by "business," I mean it's time for us to become BEST FRIENDS. Starting with none other than an iconic Disney reference. This is my promise to burst out into song while we're taking pictures... feel free to join in hehe.

Okay, but really though... now that you know what kinda photographer I am, let me tell ya what kind of HUMAN I am!

I'm a 25 year old ex-teacher gone rogue in the creative industry. I'm obsessed with pizza, Taylor Swift, and Jesus! I am married to the actual love of my life (shoutout Beau for being my bestie for the restie), and I freaking LOVE love.

I'll be honest- I am freaking obsessed with weddings and my job, but more than that, I just love marriage! It is such a sweet gift from the Lord, and getting to be your crazy bestie who brings the energy and the peace on your wedding day is my FAVORITE! THING! EVER!

To defeat the Huuuuuuns. 

let's get down to business

I've always had this heart for storytelling. From being a little girl playing with Barbies and putting on dramatic plays for my parents, to determining that I was going to be a child author in the third grade, all the way to my attempted vlog channel on Youtube in college.

Why does that matter for you on your wedding day? Because your wedding day is just that: a story. And my promise is to really see those little details like your bridesmaids giggling over stories from college while getting ready. And your grandparents holding hands while they admire young love during your ceremony. My promise to you is to notice, to document, to tell your story, one frame at a time.

Clearly, a few things have changed since I was 6 years old aspiring to be a modern day Barbie Shakespeare, but the heart of the thing is and has always been the same: to tell the story, to evoke emotion, to see and honor human connection.

The heart of my business starts way before a camera ever enters the picture.

(lol sorry, i love a good pun.)

my kindle
my sweet lil doggo
airports (don't judge!!)

mac n cheese on Thanksgiving

Survivor (my fav show ever)
coffee coffee coffee
buffalo chicken dip!!

all my favorite things

let's tell your romantic, hella fun love story, one authentic moment at a time.

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