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And whether you have booked your dream venue in the hills of Kentucky or  rented out the most elegant ballroom in Louisville, this day is where all your dreams come to life- down to every last detail.

You've been daydreaming about those little moments- dancing around with your bridesmaids that morning to ease your butterflies, your mom zipping you into your dress at the beginning of the day, reading your vows during your beautiful ceremony, your first dance at your reception, leaving your wedding with your husband. 

And I will be there every step of the way, to capture every single moment- big and small.

the wedding experience

You've been dreaming about this day since you were a little girl...


Which is why from the moment you inquire, I promise to make it about so much more than just taking photos. Because I know the only way to give you those epic, whimsical dress shots and those belly-laughing, wrapped in your lover's arms engagement photos, is to really know you and your story.

How the heck do I do that? So glad you asked! I spend so much time getting to know you through zoom calls (or even grabbing coffee if we're not too far apart hehe), questionnaires, and asking you questions like what your silliest memory with your partner is, or to tell me the story of your first date. Not to mention all the other silly questions, like your fav snacks and whether you, too, love to binge watch Grey's Anatomy every winter.

The goal is for us to truly be friends. Because, let's be honest, taking pretty pictures is just a heck of a lot more fun with friends.

You deserve more than someone who shows up for eight hours on your wedding day.

Jake + Kaylee

"She helped me with absolutely everything she possibly could, and really got to know my husband and I. By the time my wedding day came I felt 100% comfortable with Maggie and thought of her more as a friend/hype woman than just my photographer. "

"I thought of her as more of a friend than a photographer."

Documentary wedding photography with a touch of editorial vibes. Because I want to capture your day, as it is. And have a dang good time while doing it. Your wedding day shouldn't feel stiff, posed, or regimented. Because your wedding day isn't a photoshoot. It isn't a gallery delivered 4-6 weeks later. No, your wedding is the beginning of the sweetest days of your life. The beginning of your marriage

 My job isn't to create moments. My job is to see them, cherish them, freeze them in time for you to feel forever. And my promise is that, not for one second, will you feel left alone. Whether it's picking an outfit for your engagement session, planning your hands ins timeline, figuring out where to put your hands in a photo, or even the butterflies you feel before walking down the aisle. I am with you, sister. I am for you, serving you, praying for you, and so freaking excited for you!


- Day of wedding photography with 8 hours coverage

- Engagement session planning questionnaire

- Complimentary 2 hour engagement session

- Maggie Exum Creative Outfit Guide

- Maggie Exum Creative Wedding Guide

- Minimum of 675 images in final gallery

- Multiple planning calls throughout the planning process

- Full gallery of high-quality digital downloads

- Up to 100 miles of travel coverage included

- Custom wedding day timeline

- Personalized welcome gift

- Printing rights for all images

My most popular package includes:

Wedding photography services start at $2800, with an average investment of $3500.


I'd freakin love to give you my entire Investment Guide for free- but even more than that, I'd just love to chat about your vision for you day and hear aaaall the tea about your love story ;) I can't freakin wait to meet you, sister!

Not me, over here literally OBSESSING over the ideas that you are thinking about eloping... as someone who did, in fact, elope- I can tell you that it is one of the most beautiful ways that your wedding day truly does become all about you.

The best news about eloping is that it truly is, totally absolutely whatever the HECK you want it to be. Want to have a romantic, spunky Joshua Tree elopement? Do it! Want to go to Charleston and elope under the Magnolia trees? DO IT. Or do you want to have a fun, totally funky elopement at the straight up court house? Let's freakin go girl! You can make it all you want it be!

Eloping isn't for everyone. But if you are a bride wanting a less traditional wedding day, and you just really want to spend your wedding day only hanging out with the love of your life, I am so freaking for you, sister!


- 4 hours of coverage on day of elopement

- Personalized elopement timeline

- Discount on standard engagement session

- Location scouting at destination of elopement

- Maggie Exum Creative Elopement Guide

- Minimum of 300 images in final gallery

- Multiple planning calls throughout the planning process

- Full gallery of high-quality digital downloads

- Elopements require at least 3 days of travel, not included in coverage

- All printing rights

- Full elopement questionnaire

My most popular package includes:

Elopement photography services start at $2000, with an average investment of $2500.


oooooohhhhh, sister... I am SO excited for you to freakin elope! Elopement packages start at $2000 as a base package, and are built out with a custom quote after we figure out exactly what you are wanting on your day! I can't wait to make all your dreamy elopement photo dreams come true hehe

Okay, now I'm gonna freak the freak out because couples sessions are some of my favorite things EVER.

Specializing in documentary storytelling, my goal is to truly know you and your story. Your gallery of images will reflect every aspect of who YOU are. Your personalities, your values, your hobbies, your unique love story. This isn't about giving you a gallery that looks like every other post you see on instagram, or trying to fit some social mold. HECK no- this is about making your own dang mold. 

 This isn't just another couples session. This is a relic in the making. A true treasure.

couples sessions

 - 2 hour session

- Session Planning Call

- Maggie Exum Creative Outfit Guide

- Location Scouting

- All printing rights
- Welcome Gift

- Minimum of 150 images in final gallery

- Multiple planning questionnaires

- Full gallery of high-quality digital downloads

- Up to 100 miles of travel coverage included

My most popular package includes:

Couples Sessions start at $350


Couples sessions start at $350 for a one hour session, and it comes with aaaaaall the planning tools, a complete Outfit Guide, and so much more. I am so freakin ready to hear more about this season of your life, and I cannot wait to celebrate you and your honey!

I guarantee 75-100 images per hour of shooting, so you're gonna get a whole lot of goooooood pictures, sister! I deliver them all via an online gallery, and they are top notch high-res quality! They'll be right there on your screen, ready to be downloaded!  

I require a 50% deposit at booking! This is the only way to secure your date, along with a signed contract! After that, the remaining 50% isn't due until a week before your event date!

I currently charge travel fees for two nights of hotel stays, airfare, and a rental car! My promise to you is that I will work my butt off to make sure we are getting the best deals! I know this is an investment, and I want you to know that I don't profit even a little bit from travel expenses!

Currently, I am located in Louisville, Kentucky, and HECK TO THE FREAKIN YES! I love to travel! This year alone, I have multiple weddings in multiple different states, and it is my favorite thing in the whole dang world to fill my calendar up with all the fun places!


GREAT FREAKING QUESTION! I could go on for daaaaays... but the good news is- I don't have to! When you book with me, you will receive your own copy of my Maggie Exum Creative Outfit Guide! It is PACKED with all the info on what to wear and how to pick the perfect outfit for your session!

Here's the thing, girlfriend... you were fearfully and wonderfully made. You are an absolute piece of art, and I actually think if I photoshopped you, I would be taking away from that! Sure, I'll clean up any blemishes and make sure your skin tones look even, but other than that- it's all you, babe! And that is a GOOD THING!

Unfortunately, I do not! I specialize in couples + weddings because I really do believe it is specifically what the Lord has for me (at least in this season of life!)

No ma'am, I do not! I once heard it said that a chef would never deliver a raw chicken, so why would we as photographers deliver unfinished images?! So much of my creativity comes out in my editing, and I want to give you every ounce of value that you're investing in me!



Frequently Asked Questions

here to be your biggest hype girl, your go to gal, your friend.

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