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let's get this party started

If you've found your way to this page... it means something clicked. And HOT DANG, does that make my heart explode!! Seriously, I am honored and humbled and just bursting at the seams that we are about to be one step closer to making your wedding dreams come true!! I cannot wait to meet you, to hear your beautiful, romantic love story, and to see where this wild adventure takes us!

like i'm seriously flipping out rn

Thank you!

We will be in touch with you shortly! In the meantime, check out the latest and greatest on the blog!

Sara + Michael

"Maggie was just a wonderful person to have with us on our wedding day, and I'm so thankful we chose her to capture our wedding. I still feel like I have a friend in her even after the wedding ended." - Sara and Michael

Kind Words

I guarantee 75-100 images per hour of shooting, so you're gonna get a whole lot of goooooood pictures, sister! I deliver them all via an online gallery, and they are top notch high-res quality! They'll be right there on your screen, ready to be downloaded!  

I require a 50% deposit at booking! This is the only way to secure your date, along with a signed contract! After that, the remaining 50% isn't due until a week before your event date!

I currently charge travel fees for two nights of hotel stays, airfare, and a rental car! My promise to you is that I will work my butt off to make sure we are getting the best deals! I know this is an investment, and I want you to know that I don't profit even a little bit from travel expenses!

Currently, I am located in Louisville, Kentucky, and HECK TO THE FREAKIN YES! I love to travel! This year alone, I have multiple weddings in multiple different states, and it is my favorite thing in the whole dang world to fill my calendar up with all the fun places!


GREAT FREAKING QUESTION! I could go on for daaaaays... but the good news is- I don't have to! When you book with me, you will receive your own copy of my Maggie Exum Creative Outfit Guide! It is PACKED with all the info on what to wear and how to pick the perfect outfit for your session!

Here's the thing, girlfriend... you were fearfully and wonderfully made. You are an absolute piece of art, and I actually think if I photoshopped you, I would be taking away from that! Sure, I'll clean up any blemishes and make sure your skin tones look even, but other than that- it's all you, babe! And that is a GOOD THING!

Unfortunately, I do not! I specialize in couples + weddings because I really do believe it is specifically what the Lord has for me (at least in this season of life!)

No ma'am, I do not! I once heard it said that a chef would never deliver a raw chicken, so why would we as photographers deliver unfinished images?! So much of my creativity comes out in my editing, and I want to give you every ounce of value that you're investing in me!



Frequently Asked Questions

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