I believe in that head-over-heels, can't sleep at night, butterflies when you see his name on your phone, kinda love.

The photographer who cares about knowing you in the process. The photographer who answers your text messages, helps you pick your outfit for your engagement session, listens to you gush about how freakin excited you are to marry the love of your life. The photographer who is in your freakin corner to hype you up every single step of the way. More than just a photographer. A friend. Because it's about more than just pretty pictures and pretty flowers. it's about your romance. your story. your legacy.

A photographer who cares about more than just handing you a gallery at the end.

i am so glad youre here

Yes... I said that. FREE. This is the wedding planning checklist I used to plan my OWN wedding, and let me tell ya, sister- it is pure freakin GOLD.

Omg, I wanna give you something for free ;)


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