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I AM BACK ON YOUTUBE! Why I Am Starting to Vlog Again

Hey there honeys!!!! Yes, you read that right. I have officially started my freaking yotuube channel back after an EIGHT YEAR BREAK.

Check out my first video here!!

If you don’t know (and you probably don’t, because why would you?! Lol), I started making youtube videos at the raw age of ELEVEN FREAKING YEARS OLD LOL.

No, seriously…I was a BABY, hiding in my closet, putting on blue eyeshadow for the internet. And I like to laugh about it now, becaus let’s be real… it’s funny. But when I look back at my little twelve year old self, I can see so clearly how desparate I was just to be seen and have a place to matter. We all want that, dont we?

And youtube became the place where I was able to show up, unapologetically and authentically. Creating became an outlet and a safe place for me. If I am being honest with myself, youtube is really the beginning of me realizing how much I loved to create. It is where I really started to find myself, and I think there is something really beautiful in that.

I made videos on and off for years, throughout middle school, high school, and college! But honestly, I never really felt confident doing it, because I knew that it probably wasn’t getting me any cool points. And it was such an odd paradox- I loved what I was doing and was proud, but it was also my safe place and I just wanted it to be mine. When others talked about it, made fun of it, it tainted that. So I slowly let it die and chose to put my creative energy somewehre else.

And I can’t lie… I don’t regret it. Because that creative energy became photography. And that photography outlet became a passion. And the passion has grown into a whole freaking business. And I am PROUD.

But with that pride in my business and what I’ve created, has come a lot of respect for all the seasons of life that got me here. And I’d just be lying if I said youtube wasn’t part of that journey.

So when I was thinking about new ways to create and connect with my audience, youtube felt like a really scary, but obvious answer. It’s terrifying to step back into the arena of something that was once safe and then tainted with bullying and hurt. It’s honestly just really vulnerable.

But most things worth doing are scary and they are vulnerable. So I took the step of faith, and oh my gosh…how absolutely healing it is. To no longer make youtube videos to escape my reality, but rather to reflect it. To have a husband who completely supports and believes in me, rather than people laughing at what I love. To talk to the same camera as my 19 year old self, but as a compleetely different woman.

It has been life-giving. It has been healing. And damn, it has been FUN!

I am so excited for this journey, and I so hope you’ll join me! Cheers to redeeming the things that are ours, and taking back the things we love!!!

I hope you get to live out your passion too, sister. Because you freaking DESERVE IT.





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