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4 Reasons Why I LOVE When My Brides Trust Me to Choose Portrait Locations

Happy Friday, friends! This one is for all my beuatiful MEC brides and brides-to-be out there!

I’m so excited you have landed over on this corner of the internet and are sharing a bit of your time with me! If you’re anything like me, your Fridays are your chill days…aka the one day where you just have to check off all of those last few details and tasks for your week and then HELLO WEEKEND! That being said, I’m gonna keep this short, sweet, and full of helpful information for your perfect day!

Today I want to talk to you guys about why I absolutely LOVE when my Maggie Exum Creative Brides trust me to choose their portrait + photo locations on their special day! I know this may seem like the smallest detail, but I PROMISE that it can make the biggest difference in your images and the flow of your day! This small detail (but large measure of trust!) means the world to me as a photographer, and it is essential in helping YOU, as the bride, have the most perfect wedding day possible!

Reason #1: It’s not YOUR JOB!

Okay… I really do say this with all the love and compassion in my heart for you! Seriously… it isn’t your job! On your wedding day, it is about YOU, which means YOU should not have to think about anything except for the fact that you’re about to marry your very best friend! I love when my MEC Brides trust me to make all the lighting and location decisions, first and foremost, because it takes the pressure off of you to do anything other than take it all in! You will inevitably have a million things on your mind— the schedule, the first look, the moment you walk down the aisle, keeping your hair and makeup fresh… you don’t need another thing to think about like like scouting out locations. Yes, I LOVE when my brides tell me they have a particular idea or location at the venue that they have been dreaming of, and you can rest assured that if that particular location would show up in images as dreamy as you have imagined, I will absolutely use it! Take a deep breath, and trust the process. Your wedding day is about you!

Reason #2: It shows that you really do trust me!

Trust me, sister… I get it. On your wedding day, you want everything to be perfect and go according to plan. One of the first things I always tell my brides— it won’t. Seriously, things won’t go according to plan and that is OKAY! I have had my turn as the bride, and on my wedding day, it seriously took my phtographer and I like an extra HOUR to find the bridal suite… putting us an hour behind schedule. But you know what, that is okay… because my beautiful and incredibly talented photographer new EXACTLY what she was doing! As much of a planner as I am, and as much as I wanted to micromanage every part of that day (especially working in the wedding industry myself), I really did have to surrender that and give the control back to her. It wasn’t necessary natural for me to surrender that control, especially over lighting and location, but ultimately, it was not only necessary but beneficial… why? Because I trusted the person I hired to do the job! It really is that simple. And when YOU choose to let me pick the beautiful light and locations to really capture your love story, it’s doing that very same thing… showing that you trust me to do the job you hired me to do! I count that as not only a joy, but an HONOR!

Reason #3: Creative Freedom

Okay bestie, here’s the thing… when you hire me, it’s because you love my work, right? I sure hope so! I know that is why I have hired photographers and vendors in the past! And the key here is that if you really do love my work, it’s important to know that a HUGE part of that is creative freedom! One of the things I love MOST about being a wedding photographer is all the creativity and individuality that comes with each couple! While I do promise my work will be consistent (in other words… I’m not changing my editing or shooting style on you when I show up to your venue!!), so much of YOUR day is not going to be like the last wedding day I photographed… That is the beauty of it! Every day and every couple and every bride is different. And one of my favorite parts of capturing that uniquness and individuality of each couple is through choosing the most beautiful locations for your portraits! I am ALWAYS open to suggestons, but ultimately, I thrive when you trust my creativity! After all, it’s why you hired me!

Reason 4: You get the images you want!

The reality is (and I know this because I have fallen victim to it many-a-time in my years as a photographer) sometimes the most beautiful places look like they are perfect for photos; it isn’t until we walk over there and start taking portraits, that it becomes reaaaaaally painfully obvious that the location is, in fact, TERRIBLE for photos! This is because light is TRICKY, and it can decieve us into believing that something appears to be more really lovely and beautiful than it actually is. The flip side to that coin is this: sometimes… the places you think are just striaght up UGLY, can somehow create the most BEAUTIFUL images. There isn’t an exact science to it, but ultimately, this is why it is so important that brides TRUST thier photographers to use their creative freedom + knowledge of light to pick beautiful locations. At the end of the day, I know that when my brides really trust me to capture their special day, in the locations and light that I have chosen, I am going to confidently deliver a gallery full of bright, warm, and glowy photos that truly capture my MEC Couple’s love story!

I hope this shed a little light (hehe, pun intended) on why I absolutely love when my couples trust me to choose portrait locations! I have said it before and I think I may go to my grave saying it but… it is such an HONOR to be trusted with your images on your big day. I know exactly how much trust you really are handing over to me when you hire me to photograph your wedding, and I do not take it lightly!

Love each of you x1,000,000,000 <3





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